Comet, and the crescent Moon!

Article header_simplePanSTARR Mar-12-2013 s2            Day 10 from starting observation of the Comet PanSTARRS, and day 2 since it appeared to the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere from Los Angeles location point of view.

At the date March-12-2013 the comet was higher in the sky, and more apparent. It was close to the crescent moon that day, on the moon’s left to be exact. It made a beautiful view of an already spectacular show. The tail is easier to spot with the naked eye.  However, the observer might need a little averted vision technique to start locating the comet, and little knowledge of where it will be between the background stars and the moon position of that particular night helped a lot.

PanSTARR Mar-12-2013 s1

The fact that the observation made in the same location as the previews day made it easier to spot. Also, the weather was much better in this day.

Several shots with the camera were taken, and three were chosen to be submitted here in this post. The first image posted was taken at Santa Susanna Pass in southern California on March 12 at 8:04 p.m. PDT. This image was also submitted to Astronomy Magazine, and it was accepted and been published. You can go to their website and find it: You can also find it in the gallery of Sky & Telescope Magzine

Comet PANSTARRS and the crescent Moon close up.

The two other pictures are close ups with different set of lens and different timing. This is in short the observations that were made on March – 12 – 2013.

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