Over the Hills: Day 11 on Comet observation

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From the past few days of observing Comet PANSTARRS, I wanted to see how it would look like if I covered my light polluted city view from the mountains I was in. As I did, the naked eye observation were much better, and I didn’t need to use averted vision as often to locate the comet location. I sacrificed seeing the Comet reaching the line of the horizon, but I gained a better view condition for the eye. It would have been much better to observe from a dark sky location, but that was a luxury at the time that I couldn’t offered.

 over the hill tr2 2500-1

Here two pictures of the comet, one where it is a bit high in the sky where the remnant hint of the blue sky is still present, and the other is when it was a bit darker from the effect of the Sun, and closer to the horizon.


over the hill tr2 2500-2

Other notes on observation, was the fact the comet head was a bit brighter, but that’s not due to the actual brightness of the comet, for it was actually dimming, but the fact that the comet location from earth skies is delaying each night and getting further away from the sun will make the sky darker. There for, from the observer perspective  it looks brighter. Also, the tail is rising up more clockwise and getting closer to the vertical position.


March – 13 – 2013

Los Angeles county