Clouds Blocking Comet Observation.

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On Day 12, and less than a week since the Comet PANSTARRS start showing up in the Northern evening sky west ward. Tonight the sky is covered with clouds and no trace for the comet.

Comet Mar-14-2013 clouds-1


The Sunset view is breath taking as always, and every sunset is unique in it’s beauty, the view never gets old.  The sky was changing in colors as product of the sun interacting with the clouds casting all types of colors that you can find in spectrum. The sunset warm colors express the end of a busy day, and the cold blue cover that comes in relaxes and comfort the observer regardless of what they intended to observe and didn’t find. I couldn’t help to see take a picture of the city as it glows slowly and warm up as the atmosphere cools down. The wind start to blow stronger, and the stars glow were visible through out the holes in the clouds. The moon was glowing regardless.

Comet Mar-14-2013 clouds-2


Let’s hope the weather will clear up in the next couple of days as the tail of the comet changes it’s direction.

March – 14 – 2013

Los Angeles County

Until Next Time…