Comet’s Vertical Tail

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Day 14 since starting observation. The last two days the weather didn’t help to continue the observation, however, this evening, the weather is a little hazy, but no notable clouds. The tail was in sight, and the direction of the tail this this time was upward, or vertical.

Comet Panstarr-1


To the observer from earth, the comet tail is moving clockwise each day Since it appeared in northern hemisphere night sky. The reports says the comet is dimming, but again, due to the fact that the comet is start to stay longer in the night sky as it darkens after the sunset gave it a relative higher brightness to the naked eyes. Few more close up pictures were taken, and few more while the comet was setting in to the horizon. Here are few of those pictures.

Comet Panstarr-2

 This one was taken next to a communication tower to show scale.

Comet Panstarr-3

The second shot was taken for the comet alone,

Comet Panstarr-5


and the third one while the comet is setting. I hope you Enjoy!

March – 16 – 2013

Santa Susana mountains

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