Perseid Meteor Shower 2013

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The past weekend had a great celestial show of the Perseid Meteor Shower. The number of meteors was in a healthy amount. There was nearly one meteor a minute in the place I stargazed in. There were few fire balls as well, and some of them split in to two as they entered the atmosphere. Few light up the sky for a second or more.

Fire ball of the Perseid Meteor Shower 2013-3

Many shots were taken by the camera in the past two nights, with little luck to show the faint small meteor on the photo, however, in the last three pictures I took before I called it a night, a lucky shot capture a very beautiful bright Fire ball.  Enjoy.


August – 12th – 2013

Los Angles County



Moon & Venus (August 2013)

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New moon near beautiful Venus on August the 9th 2013. Venus as always is radiant bright making it easily for People to have mistaken it for a bright evening star since the dawn of history until now including trained pilots.

Moon and V-2

Both images were taken after the sunset around 9 pm near Santa Susana Mountains. The later image is of the crescent moon setting behind far hills and mountains near the horizon.

The weather condition was clear of clouds but very heavy humidity and a strong hint of industrial haze near the horizon. Temperature was comfortable warm with beautiful cold breezes from the shadow side of the hills.

The crescent moon is three days old and 7% of its total illumination.


Summer Star Postcard

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Go to the right for .025 light second, and you will see an Atlantic Sunrise, Go to left for .025 light second, and you’ll see a Pacific Sundown. Go strait, follow the brightest Star ahead for 25 light years, and you will see a Vegan dawn.



     Vega, the Summer star. The Star that define the north night sky. This shot was take at early time of the morning in the first week of August 2013.  The yellow background light coming from the left side is the light coming from the small town near by located between  Orange, and Los Angles county.

Log book entry August – 9 -2013