Harvest Moon 2013

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It’s great to see public interest in Astronomy recently. The social network media now a days make it easy to share news and interest between people regardless their location. Astronomy events been a lot recognized and heard of thanks to those type of website and this type of media.

Harvest Moon -1

There are is confusion though, like in everything new. The names of the moon usually are predetermine years before, and it would depends in their alignment with the solar calender. An example, a Wolf Moon is a nick name for the 1st full moon in a solar calender. Whether this full moon happened early of the month of January, or later in the month of January, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the event timing, and this happened after a solar new year eve.

2013 Wolf Moon was in January 26th, and next year Wolf Moon will happen to be in the 15th of January 2014. The lag is due to the fact a Lunar calender doesn’t align with the solar one, and there is a lag of approximately 2 weeks.

There are also names for full moon that coincide with the fact of how many times they appear in a solar month. For example, if there is 2 full moons in one solar calender, the full moon will be called Blue Moon. And many names can be given to certain alignments of the celestial body in the sky, with respect to how we perceive time.


Image was taken after the Moon rise

Santa Susana Pass


Sept  2013