Ramadan Moon 2014

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Observing Ramadan Moon 2014. This Crescent Moon mark the beginning of the lunar calender month. Today also marks what I used to do 10 years ago in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula as I used to confirm to the officials the beginning of the Ramadan month/event by locating and visually confirm the crescent Moon.

Ramadan Moon 2014-1

Ramadan Moon 2014-2


Ramadan Crescent Moon phase was .03, The Illumination is 3%

Ramadan Moon 2014-5

Ramadan Moon 2014-6


According to the local weather reports, the temperature was 24~23 C degree (76~74 F degree) and humidly of 60% at 8 PM that raised to 64% at 9 PM. The winds were of 13 km per hour (8 Miles per hour). Those reports didn’t feel that much different from the trail I was in. The winds were slow in comparison to what usually is, and little haze been visible on the horizon line and blurring the mountains and hills bases from 10/16 miles range but didn’t effect tops on a noticeable way.

The images in this post were taken on June 28th-2014, around 9 PM at the local time.

Santa Susana Pass, California.



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Trillions Space Painting



I started this space painting on fall 2009. The background took nearly more than 10 hours to complete, and I couldn’t fill the foreground for 5 years. Recently though, I had no lack of muse, and the painting simply called me to finish it, and the foreground just jumped from my mind to the canvas for 5 hours strait. I don’t feel like the painting is complete, but most artist never feel that their work is ever completed, so here it is, Trillions.

The space painting Trillions is inspired by my love, the desert, the Sierra, and many thousands hours of stargazing.

June 2014



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Star Trails. Alabama Hills, CA.

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Alabama Hills Startrails website-1

One of the things that are common knowledge to the ancient, and not so common in now days, is the behavior of our night sky on the planet we live in. Our senses and intuition of the movement of the heaven above us is so distorted because of the way we live in society, and because of our growing technology that allow us to relay on conventional wisdom too much, and for the light pollution we leave behind among other many types of pollution.

Our senses is so distorted, that we think of the ancient monuments that left by our great ancestors seem so high tech, and hard to understand, when it is simply made with simple math and physics, and a little understanding of the night sky that they got, not from reading text books, or being held in a class room all their life, it is simply by the way they lived, and the dark night sky. The view is up there, and it is hard to miss, and no one needs to teach anyone how the heaven work on the surface level. Those monuments alignment show how great little understanding of the night sky was being part of their daily life, something always impresses me every time I see their engineering feats.

There for, photographs of long exposure of the night sky is always fascinating to us, and shows us what really is happening, and what we are really missing. The earth is spinning, there for, it will spin around the relatively static starry night. A fact that we all know, but we don’t have it in our intuition. I say relatively, because compare to an individual life spam, the stars seems never changing, which is a beauty in itself, and comfort in an ever changing world.

This photograph was made in a long exposure that took from before midnight, to near sunrise, at the dates of 9th/10th of November 2013. The direction is north obviously, since the starry background is revolving around the North Star Polaris, and gives this beautiful shape of star trails. A group of friends and I were practicing rock climbing/paragliding around the Sierra in California, and we camped in Alabama Hills. A place near the highest peak in California, and in the Contiguous United States.


Before this shot, I was having a great stargazing nights in a place where light pollution can only come from nearby town, Lone Pine.  The Milky Way looked great as always in good details to the naked eye. Even with the present of the Moon. The rocky landscape helped to give the illusion as if I was in another planet.


So after stargazing, the camera was set up, to take this exposure, near my tent, which I set up under a hanging rock.



Sky Cottage


Sky Cottage painting


“Sky Cottage”

The small house in the painting is inspired by similar house that locate in Lake Elsinore town, a town in south California.  The sunset colors reflect on the house in a beautiful fashion, which always grabbed my attention. The house is at top of a small hill peak.

During my early days in learning how to fall from the sky safely, it was somehow a way point for me. I used to know where east is through it. It is not the most prominent mark you can have, the highway would be, but it is beautiful none the less, especially after landing.

During the night, the stars above it make a remarkable view.

The paining was made in a period of two months, the painting time might be 12 hours of brush strokes, more or less.


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