Ramadan Moon 2014

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Observing Ramadan Moon 2014. This Crescent Moon mark the beginning of the lunar calender month. Today also marks what I used to do 10 years ago in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula as I used to confirm to the officials the beginning of the Ramadan month/event by locating and visually confirm the crescent Moon.

Ramadan Moon 2014-1

Ramadan Moon 2014-2


Ramadan Crescent Moon phase was .03, The Illumination is 3%

Ramadan Moon 2014-5

Ramadan Moon 2014-6


According to the local weather reports, the temperature was 24~23 C degree (76~74 F degree) and humidly of 60% at 8 PM that raised to 64% at 9 PM. The winds were of 13 km per hour (8 Miles per hour). Those reports didn’t feel that much different from the trail I was in. The winds were slow in comparison to what usually is, and little haze been visible on the horizon line and blurring the mountains and hills bases from 10/16 miles range but didn’t effect tops on a noticeable way.

The images in this post were taken on June 28th-2014, around 9 PM at the local time.

Santa Susana Pass, California.


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