Pisces Constellation Painting (Zodiac Set)

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This painting is of the constellation Pisces, one of the zodiac constellations of the celestial sphere.

Pisces Constellation Painting (Zodiac Set)
Pisces Constellation Painting (Zodiac Set)
The night sky has many stars, and they form pattern and shapes like clouds. Unlike clouds, the pattern can stay without noticeable change to the observer eye for thousands of years.

Some shapes and patterns are recognized worldwide, the pattern called constellations. Constellations are shapes of star patterns that are agreed upon by large number of people. This will give ease from one observer to another to define an area in the night sky.

The constellation that lay on the apparent path of the Sun and planets in the celestial sphere of the night sky are called zodiac constellations. The path called the ecliptic path. And there are 13 of them recognized by stargazers and astronomers, however, 12 are used for art and lore heavily. 12 is a better number for grouping them and easier to refer to them with the months of the year.

Pisces is normally the 12th constellation listed in the zodiac constellation. The best time to observe this constellation is in  Autumn (Fall) session around the month of October where it is found in the eastern horizon after Sunset and stay visible for the rest of the night until it reaches the western horizon around Sunrise.



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