Splendid Sunrise

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Another place, same galaxy. There are many Sunrises, and Sunsets of nearly 4 hundred billion splendid star that can cast a view in infinite number of objects.

This view is but one that is happening right now somewhere as you are reading this words, and it is not fiction. Maybe the painting is a work of fiction, but the reality is stranger than fiction, and this scene is happening in a a great number in our galaxy alone, and there are many more, MORE galaxies out there.

Splendid Sunrise
Splendid Sunrise
The inspiration of the landscape comes from hikes around the south west states. The Joshua Tree National park and the Rocky peak mountains had a great inspiration to it among many other landscape across California. The ring planet although t looks like Saturn, it is not.

Enjoy this planet which is in the making, like ours, and I hope to upload many more soon.

January – 10th – 2016

Los Angeles



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