The Pleiades painting

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This painting is inspired by the celestial object the Pleiades, Also known as the seven sisters. The Pleiades have many amazing stories across many cutlers, an it’s scientific data is as interesting as the myth and lore behind it.

The Pleiades, the seven sisters. Also known as object M45.
The Pleiades, the seven sisters. Also known as object M45.
This painting will be part of a long list of the Messier objects, which is a list consist of nearly 110 objects.

I will be happy if I finish the list before the end of the year!

I started the list with the object I most observed and easiest to pick up from the sky. It is a winter object, but can be observe before sunrise as early as the Summer.

The object in Arabic called Al thuria. This is a name for a hanging lamp, not any form of lamp, but decorative lamp light that hang from the ceiling. Another lore of this object is that those stars are a beautiful young girl, and the girl is running away from the Star Aldebaran which is a very wealthy old man.

A note worth mentioning about the western lore of this object is, Atlas and Pleione are the stars at the bottom lifting the seven sisters, their daughters, and protecting them.

I will write more in details in an encyclopedic post for this object, as for now, enjoy the artistic surreal feeling that the painting gives off.

January – 11th – 2016

Los Angeles



Update: The 2nd entry can be found in this link : M5 Globular Cluster Painting




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