Out of the Atmosphere (painting)

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The most what inspire this piece is the colors. The colors were from witnessing many sunrises and sunsets.

Out of the Atmosphere
Out of the Atmosphere
The painting was done August 2011. It was a time with many new experiences and letting go of old ones while learning the lesson. I felt this was the moment in my life where I obtained many new skills that made me advance more in the knowledge of Astronomy and in exploration whether in a scholarly terms, or physical. It is also the time where I start to explore many places in south California mountains.

The painting took more than 3 hours to finish. My close friend Maurycy  was one of the 1st to see this painting and he liked it a lot and it was a time near his birthday where he talked about it again, and we talked some more of his skydiving adventures. Little did I know that 2 months later, he will help me to do my 1st skydive ever.

It was also after looking at the pictures that were took of Earth curvature from space with engineering project that was made by me 4 months earlier.

This is in short the materials that inspired this painting and the memories I remember when I take a look at this painting.




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