Opaque Torch (Black Hole painting)

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Hello everyone! I hope all is well. Here is another painting that I started long time ago, and finished recently. The painting is a black hole painting. A painting of an exotic celestial object in our sky and found in  our own galaxy too.

Opaque Torch. A black Hole Painting.
Opaque Torch. A black Hole Painting.
The painting demonstrate a phenomena where a blue giant star is consumed by a near by black hole. Cygnus X-1 is a fine example of this cosmic phenomena.

Cygnus X-1 is system many many light years away from our planet Earth. The black hole is a good source of X-ray radiation, or radiations around the 10~.0 nano meter.

With specialties instrument that can observe this radiation, astronomers and stargazers find one of many methods to study the phenomena.


This painting is special to me. I started it September 2009 with the black hole, and end it with the Blue giant star this year. The painting was part of a challenge between me and my brother Jassem where we wanted for a whole month in that summer to produce one artistic work a day.

This was my entry for day five.

Also, for the longest time, this painting was my avatar in the video game community.





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