Penumbral Lunar Eclipse February 10th/11th 2017

Although it wasn’t total, the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse put a great show from south west Asia from Kuwait perspective.

This is arguably the most prominent Lunar eclipse in 2017 for much of the world. Australia and the oceanic region not as lucky for this one.

An image was taken from Kuwait after the Moon enter Earth’s penumbra. the image was taken around 4:00 am local time or 1:00 UTC February 11th 2017.

February 11th 2017 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
The temperature was around 11 Celsius degree (52 Fahrenheit degree) and the winds were 13~14 kph NNW (8 mph). Humidity at 64%  with pressure of 1016 hPa. Visibility was 9 km (~5.5 miles).

Light pollution at the town did have a major impact on the Moon, but prevented any comfortable observation of the comet comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova.

Jupiter was above the southern horizon above the star Spica. The four satellites of Jupiter were all visible with very simple modest optics such is the camera lens zoom. Io and Ganymede were on the right and Europa, Callisto on the left.

Jupiter and Spica
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Feb-11th – 2017




Snow Moon 2017 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

This is a quick reminder of tonight’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The Phenomena will be visible Most of Asia, All of Africa, and All of South America, and nearly all of North America. It was calculated from sources to be around 10 Feb 2017, 22:34:14 UTC.

Snow Moon, Full Moon of 10 February 2017. Nearly 6~5 hours before the Eclipse.
It was taken from Al Qurain, Kuwait. with temperature of 14 Celsius degree with wind of SSW wind of 8 kph  (~58 Fahrenheit degree, 5 mph) and humidity of 56%.

Enjoy the Moon and the Comet right after this early morning in dawn and the couple next morning as well if you are privilege with a dark site. Regardless the location, it is worth trying looking for.


Feb-10th – 2017


Update: Here is the post of the event that contain a couple of images Penumbral Lunar Eclipse February 10th/11th 2017