Cloudy Nights (Painting)

This painting started in March 2013. It was inspired from the days when I was hunting for comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS).

Cloudy Nights by Ahmad Alromeadheen.

The painting also takes inspiration from the many evenings and nights I was stargazing from Rocky Peak at Simi Valley, California. The observatory was inspired from few real life ones like the one In Kuwait (Al Aujairy Observatory), and the one in Mt. Wilson California (Mount Wilson observatory).

In a way, this painting can be cross over reference of the night sky from location I visited in the Arabic Peninsula and the West states of U.S.A.

This work is a fantasy view of the night sky. Usually observatories don’t have the lights on at this level of brightness, unless if there is a maintenance of some sort, upgrade in the system, or special event.

The colors of the clouds and the Starry nights are a work of fiction. Although the clouds can have these colors in real life, and the night sky background can have this view of the stars, the two views normally can’t occur at the same time. The colors of the clouds indicate that the time of the day is either an evening or dawn where the stars is not fully visible, or not at this number of abundance.

However, the observer can retain this imagery of one night in their mind.

The painting also show a general frustration of the weather when an observer or observers try to see an event in the sky where the clouds can block the view.

Still, the clouds can and always paint the sky with their own beauty.

The painting took many hours to complete, and easily exceeded more than 20 hours of work since 2013 until tonight April 18th/19th 2017.


April 18th/19th, 2017



If you are interested to see the images taken of the Comet in 2013 by the author,

visit the links below:



Stellar Sails (Painting)

A group of vessels wandering the galactic sea with different proposes. Few of those ship operators are in search for a specific expected goal, few others are in search for the unknown, and fewer are enjoying the ride.

Stellar Sails

The painting started in 2014. It took many sessions to progress that year, and many days abandoned. I came back to it this year 2017 to add the final touches.

A cumulative of 6 to 8 hours to complete if you don’t count the many hours spent staring at it before deciding to stop adding more brush strokes.