In The Beginning (Space Painting)

Inspired by the Orion Nebula colors both visually and on photography.

In The Beginning ( Nebula Star Nursery ) – space painting by Ahmad Alromeadheen

The painting was made back in 2007/2008. Back then, I liked it so much, but I felt it is not finished. I just kept staring at it for a long time to find something to add, I came empty handed.

I used an early version of this painting on my 1st website with a domain name of InterStellarArt ten years ago.

Ten years ago and I still can’t find anything to add. Therefore, I will simply submit it to the world. anymore addition to it will go to a new project (another painting) at this point.

The painting represent the birth place of new star systems. Nebula have always been a beautiful celestial object and phenomena that consumed a lot of my time gazing at them, imaging them, and reading about them. They are clouds in space, and I love clouds.

The name is fitting specially with the new look of the website.