And All The Worlds With Out A Name (Painting)

Another day and another painting…

An off Solar System world. Exoplanet Star set.

In another world, just before the twilight. Their Star set painting a beautiful sky under their planet. An exoplanet to us here on Earth.

In a celestial body. whether it is a twin planet orbiting each other around their own star system, or a Moon around this ring planet. Either way, I tried to picture the Sun set (or the Star set) on those settings.

The city is a coastal one that learned to obtained and harness the power of electricity and the use of Radio.

I pictured it in a not so busy day, where air and marine traffic is close to none. A holiday you can call it.

The painting it self started in 2015. I spend around 8 hour on it in that year. this year a spend nearly as much time as before.

I could have saturated with more details, but after nearly 16 hours, I had to move to another project and not dwell on perfection. What ever I wanted to add can be done in a new project.

So without further adieu, I present : And All The Worlds With Out A Name.

Giving the number of stars in our night sky and in the observable universe, chances are extremely high for this setting to be happening right now as you read.