M5 Globular Cluster Painting (Messier List).

This painting focus on the globular cluster known or listed as M5, based on the Messier objects list.

Messier 5 surreal painting
M5 Globular Cluster Painting By Ahmad Alromeadheen.

The approach was taken in this art work was of a surreal one.

The western literature of this globular cluster can date back to the eighteenth century. I still can’t gather more information in other world literature as of now.

Part of the difficulty of finding more in the literature about this celestial object is the fact it’s very difficult to detect. All you need is your eyes to detect it, but for better observation to see the details would be with binocular, and even more so with telescope of aperture size more than 4 inch (102 Millimeter).

For my personal experience, The early memory of the M5 for me was of summer 2007 in July.

The place was Mount Pinos at Frazier park north of Los Angeles California.

I was observing the milky way and Jupiter was nearly at the center of our galaxy visually. Jupiter made a great pattern with Scorpio constellation and its brightest star Antares. As I was observing Jupiter and Antares on the left, and The Star Arcturus and Spica on the right, I saw a patch of light with the aid of averted vision. With the binocular right away I can tell it was a globular cluster. I looked at the star map and it was M5. I pointed my six-inch telescope (150 mm) toward it and I saw how beautiful it was with its nearby star recognized as ( 5 Ser – HIP 74975 ) near the Serpens constellation.

More talk about the scientific and my personal experience in a more science based post, however, I will focus on the beauty of the experience and the artistic nature of the painting.

Now, This is my 2nd entry of the Messier List. A list that has 110 object. The 1st entry was of the Pleiades M45. the post was back in early 2016. Back then I was hoping to finish the list by the end of 2016, how ever at this rate, I will be happy if I finish them before the end of 2018. I had to move my residence and relocate my job which took time to adjust before I had enough “leisure time” to put more effort in this.

The painting started in 2015 and finished today. It took many hours in the last three nights and many more spread across three years.

As for now enjoy, and see you in my next entry of this logbook, and hopefully very soon for another entry of this list.