Lake Nostalgia (Painting)

Another off world painting. A world that is part of a globular cluster.

A beautiful winter evening at the lake in a far away land. At the edge of the galaxy. Few friends gathered and decided to stargaze outside the city. The season was not good to see the galaxy plane for it is the globular cluster season where its brightness outshine the galaxy plane from this part of the galaxy. The galaxy plane will not be clearly visible until next summer.

The painting started sometime between 2006 and 2007. So in a sense, it took more than a decade to finish. This wasn’t because of the complexity of the painting. The delay for all those years was due to doubt and hesitation.

When I 1st made the painting around 2007, I had the sky part done. which was the globular cluster and the stars. As a matter of fact, The sky was not modified after all those years. The problem was with the foreground.

I like the sky and the crater so much, but I had nothing else to fill it with. So it went to my archive file and every year I reopen it and try to picture something to add, but without any result. I waited until my skills improve, or so I said to my self.

I don’t think I improved much, and I was frustrated most of the time with it, I still am. I still think the background is much better than the foreground, but if I wait any longer, then my archive file will be filled with thousands of unfinished painting, and my published file remain scarce.  So I decided to start the year 2018 with this painting and dumb all my doubt and fears away and simply paint. It will only improve from there.

The name of the painting was inspired by the decade it took to finish the piece. Because I looked at this painting every year several times.

Now this piece of art feels like the sum of a lot of memories. It gives a strong nostalgia feeling of all those times.