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               How are you? I hope all is well. This is a logbook, a recollection of literature, illustrations, observations and notes of events that were significant to some sense to the logger, and took place across worlds from the deserts of the Arabic peninsula to the Sierra of California. It contain events that are pleasing to remember, others are painful to do so, yet, useful to learn from. The logbook reflects an Astronomer/Engineer logger perspective of his world.

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                So whatever you do whether you are reading this in the morning before going to work, or between lunch breaks,  in a class room, in car/bus for a day commute, or if you are working inside your house, or just taking the day off in the comfort of your living room, whether you are outdoors in nature between the landscapes and high peaks and sea shores watching the sunset, or downtown at night in a café between cityscapes in a metropolis, whether you are in either poles with a constant night, or day, or if you are orbiting the Earth few hundred kilometers above, seeing dozens of sunsets and rises, or sailing across the oceans or beneath the sea, where ever you are, or what ever the weather is making you wear, I’m glad you are here.

              The Logbook will continuously be updated with sky, night sky events, the natural world exploration and  philosophy entries. It will cover stargazing reports, journals, essays, paintings and drawings, new current events, and periodic ones in many different types of media.

              The materials presented target a wide range of audience regardless the knowledge background level. The point is to have fun and good times.

Ahmad Alromeadheen KK6BIG , 9K2EA