Rogue Planet

I started this painting sometime after 2010, I am not sure exactly, but I kept adding small brush strokes every once in a while.

I didn’t know where it was going. I had the background first. I really liked how it turnout. The Nebula colors of what a galactic center might looks like mixed with all sort of celestial objects that we know of, and those that we don’t.

Rogue Planet

After the background was done, I struggled to fill the foreground and what object should it be.

I tried a space ship, a human made object, but nothing fit the big picture. Suddenly, I made a small sphere to study the work of light in the over all setting, and I actually liked how it looked like as it is, so I end up turning the sphere in to a planet, a wanderer planet, a Starless Sunless one. A planet that orbit the galaxy with out a star. A nomad planet you can call it, a galactic or interstellar planet.

The planetary object is also known by many other names.

They come in many set of sizes and properties.

To astronomers, finding the planet can be difficult and tricky. The most poplar way to identify it is to observe the light bending of the background starts when the planet happen to pass them. The background stars are not close to the planet necessarily.

Once detected, it’s easier to observe than a planet that orbit a bright star due to the fact that the companion star brightness or its glare will abstract the observation more so than rogue planet.

If you are wondering, Life could arise from this type of planets, and there are many of them in the Milky way Galaxy, and most likely in other galaxies.

July – 14th – 2017


Opaque Torch (Black Hole painting)

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Hello everyone! I hope all is well. Here is another painting that I started long time ago, and finished recently. The painting is a black hole painting. A painting of an exotic celestial object in our sky and found in  our own galaxy too.

Opaque Torch. A black Hole Painting.
Opaque Torch. A black Hole Painting.
The painting demonstrate a phenomena where a blue giant star is consumed by a near by black hole. Cygnus X-1 is a fine example of this cosmic phenomena.

Cygnus X-1 is system many many light years away from our planet Earth. The black hole is a good source of X-ray radiation, or radiations around the 10~.0 nano meter.

With specialties instrument that can observe this radiation, astronomers and stargazers find one of many methods to study the phenomena.


This painting is special to me. I started it September 2009 with the black hole, and end it with the Blue giant star this year. The painting was part of a challenge between me and my brother Jassem where we wanted for a whole month in that summer to produce one artistic work a day.

This was my entry for day five.

Also, for the longest time, this painting was my avatar in the video game community.






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Trillions Space Painting



I started this space painting on fall 2009. The background took nearly more than 10 hours to complete, and I couldn’t fill the foreground for 5 years. Recently though, I had no lack of muse, and the painting simply called me to finish it, and the foreground just jumped from my mind to the canvas for 5 hours strait. I don’t feel like the painting is complete, but most artist never feel that their work is ever completed, so here it is, Trillions.

The space painting Trillions is inspired by my love, the desert, the Sierra, and many thousands hours of stargazing.

June 2014



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