Saturn and Mercury.

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This morning the observations of the comets and the planets at dawn took place at Santa Susana pass. The comet is near the Sun now, so it rises within close time window. There for, no need to drive to remote place for dark sky since the glare of the Sun will be out anyway.

Mercury&saturn Nov-26-2013-1
Saturn & Mercury (bottom).
The pass weather was a bit cold with wind blowing from the east, making wind tunnels between rock formations. The clouds were low near the horizon. I am not sure what the altitude of the clouds was. So there was no access to the comet.

At some part of the pass, where the rock formation covers the light pollution from both valleys, the Simi from the west and San Fernando from the east, bright stars stood clearly and their blue hue is very present from the human figure shape constellation Orion and it’s little companion dog and nearby in contrast the warm color of orange from the Aldebaran. At west, the far clouds near the horizon gave the view of those constellations as if they were flouting on sea of clouds, at this time of the day, the whole time it felt like a good night dream. On the east, the sky starts to give a hint of brightening led by the yellow of Arcturus.

Mercury&saturn Nov-26-2013-2
Saturn and Mercury over the San Fernando Valley.
The eastern view had Mars high in the sky near the Moon, beautiful view, while Saturn and Mercury at lower altitude near the horizon. In the other side, Jupiter was shining brightly.

Along with Venus early at twilight, it was a night with all five visible planets and the Moon. A small telescope or binoculars would show Neptune and Uranus too at twilight.  All of this made me feel I was surrounded by a lot of old friends, and home.


Santa Susana Pass